Personal Information Collection Notification & Personal Information Consent Form

On behalf of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taipei Computer Association (“TCA”) holds the event based on the Project of 2023 Presidential Hackathon International Trac (“the Project”). According to the Personal Data Protection Act (“the Act”) and TCA’s privacy and confidentiality policies, we hereby inform you about the TCA’s privacy practices and describe the disclosure of various personal data we may collect, use, and store from you for your participation of this event (“the personal data”). By signing the form (or clicking “I Agree”), you agree to the following:

  1. The personal data we collect from you includes your name, gender, email address, phone number, mobile phone number, physical address, personal ID, nationality, passport number, job information, etc.
  2. The personal data shall be used for the following purposes: Within the scope of the Project, to provide the notification of services, such as to establish the event confirmation, identity verification, to transmit event or related industry information, or to be used for internal data statistics and analysis.
  3. Within the scope of the Project, TCA may operate its business, provide services and share information with private entities or related government agencies.
    1. TCA shares personal data only as Article 1 and 2 described to the above third parties that are either subject to this “Privacy Policy Consent to Provide of Personal Data” contract or a privacy policy at least as enforceable as effective as the “Privacy Policy Consent to Provide of Personal Data” contract.
    2. The personal data shall be available to such parties stated above within Taiwan’s jurisdiction until the completion of the aforementioned collection purposes.
  4. In accordance with Article 3 of the Act, you may make an inquiry and review, request a copy, supplement or correct, demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use, and erase the personal data. Whether you request to delete the information or opt-out of receiving emails, TCA reserves the right to communicate with you via email for identity verification, necessary contact confirmation, notices, or changes arising out of or related to this event. To protect mutual rights and interests, TCA will retain the communication history of your deleting request as a record for future reference.
  5. Please make sure the personal data on record is correct. Therefore, you have a choice whether or not to provide personal data; however, if you fail to provide specific personal data, some features or functionality of this event and the following ones in the future shall become unavailable to you. Unavailable services may include, but not limited to, receive important event notices, customer services, ordinary contact, promotional email, and participate-related activities.
  6. Please get in touch with us during our office hours if you need additional assistance or the aforementioned requests. Contact information:
    Office hours: Monday through Friday
    9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. (GMT +08:00)
    Phone:+886 (02)2577-4249 ext.387

Consent to Participate

  1. Please review the Handbook, Personal Information Collection Notification, Personal Information Consent Form, and the executive unit’s various regulations before submitting a team application. By submitting the application form, the team is deemed to have accepted the sponsor’s rules and requirements.
  2. Please maintain a copy of all data submitted with your application. After reviewing the data, the organizer will keep them for future reference and not return them.
  3. Team entries are collective works. In the event of any of the following, the team and individual will be held legally liable, and the organizer may revoke their eligibility to participate:
    1. Those whose works have been reported or informed to have been done by others with factual details, as well as those whose rights, including intellectual property rights, have been violated.
    2. The content contains obscenity, violence, pornography, defamation, racial discrimination, and other offensive material that violates public order and good social customs.
    3. Those who violate or harm the reputation of another person or a company’s goodwill.
    4. The acquisition or use of the information contained in the entries violates applicable personal protection laws.
    5. Those that are mandated or forbidden by other regulations.
  4. The intellectual property rights of the team’s entries belong to the participating teams or individual members. The distribution of rights is determined within the team, and the organizer has no role in this process. However, the team agrees to allow the organizer and the executive unit to use the work files and related materials submitted by the team for promotional, educational, or other non-profit purposes related to the Presidential Hackathon, including, but not limited to, taking or requesting relevant photographs and dynamic images from participating teams to document related activities, and using, editing, printing, displaying, promoting, reporting, publishing, or publicizing participation results, personal portraits, names, and voices, etc. Participating members shall only exercise the author’s personality right against the sponsor if the author’s personality is slandered.
  5. An entry must be substantially altered (by at least 50%) if it has been previously sold or has won awards in other competitions. The organizer retains the right to revoke the entry, the award distribution, or the award eligibility if the executive unit determines that the degree of modification is less than 50%.
  6. Participating team members’ personal data may be collected, processed, and used to manage applications submitted, identity verification during the event, contact with participants, broadcast information related to the Presidential Hackathon, and related administrative purposes. As long as it is necessary and appropriate for the aforementioned purpose of collection, the organizer may continue to broadcast and use Presidential Hackathon-related information until the aforementioned purpose of collection no longer exists.
  7. Applicants are expected to provide extensive identifying data, and fraudulent use or misappropriation of third-party data is prohibited. If a participant provides any information that is untrue or incomplete, the event organizer and/or executive unit may revoke their participation in the event. The team and the individual will be held legally responsible for any harm done to the relevant rights and interests of the organizer, the executive unit, or a third party.
  8. All teams that pass the preliminary selection phase must collaborate with the sponsor and executive unit to participate in guidance, practical results demonstration, commendation, media publicity, and other promotional activities, display their work, and conduct subsequent benefit tracking.
  9. Suppose there are any disputes regarding the division of labor or the allocation of rights and responsibilities among the participating teams, they should be resolved by the teams themselves, with no involvement from the organizers or executive unit.
  10. To be eligible for awards, etc., changes to team members must be completed within the time limit specified by the organizer and executive unit. Without the written consent of the event’s organizer, executive unit, and other team members, the rights and responsibilities associated with this event cannot be transferred.
  11. Suppose natural disasters or other events of force majeure prevent this event from taking place during the event period, the organizer reserves the right to modify the relevant schedule and implementation procedures as needed.
  12. Regarding the interpretation and applicability of the Handbook and other regulations, the organizer reserves the right of final interpretation. Disputes will be resolved under the laws of the Republic of China, with the Taiwan Taipei District Court serving as the first instance court.
  13. Teams participating in the event are deemed to have agreed to the Handbook, Personal Information Collection Notification, Personal Information Consent Form, and the executive unit’s various regulations. In a dispute, the organizer retains the right of final interpretation. During the event, if there are doubts regarding the applicability of relevant regulations or other unfulfilled matters, the organizer may make modifications or propose supplementary explanations, which are published without further notice on the event’s official website (

I have read and acknowledged the above circumstances; and I agree the personal data provided can be collected, processed, and used, as stated above.